Planning a wedding is like solving a puzzle. Every little piece must intertwine with one another to create a spectacular image.

The vendors you choose for your big day will play a large part in putting together that puzzle. But, if you wait too long to book the right people, you could be throwing off your plans entirely.

It’s good to know the sequence of when to schedule vendors because trust us- order matters. Here’s a wedding vendor checklist to ensure you’re crossing all your T’s and dotting all your I’s.

First Things First- Venue, Wedding Planner, Officiant

Without a firm date and location, the rest of your wedding planning efforts are futile. All other vendors need you to provide these details so they can make arrangements on their end.

Consequently, you need to determine what’s most important to you and your partner. Do you have a specific location in mind? Are you looking to get married in a church? Are you up for browsing different venues?

Hiring a wedding planner early on should be another top priority. Whether or not you have answers to the above questions, they will steer you in the right direction. Also, don’t forget about the officiant!

Caterer, Photographer, Music and Other Top-Tier Vendors

The next hires you should make are the ones who can’t service multiple weddings in one day. Think: caterers, photographers, and musical entertainment. Once these vendors get booked for a certain date, they’re no longer able to service you.

Of the vendors listed above, you should hire a caterer first, and then a photographer and DJ/band. Your caterer needs to visit your venue so they can plan for any problem that may arise.

Musicians and photographers are also of importance. But, most couples usually have some leeway in who they hire for these jobs. Unless you have a specific person or group in mind, this one can come a little later in the planning process.

Cake Decorators, Florists, Etc.

Now, you can move on to vendors who have more flexibility in their schedule. This would cover your baker, florist, transportation service, make-up artist, etc.

You still want to give these people plenty of notice prior to your wedding. Just because they can accommodate multiple groups on one day doesn’t mean they won’t book up fast!

Some companies even require you to book a certain amount of time prior to the date. If you have a specific vendor in mind, research their site for when to book. If there is no indication, remember earlier is always better than later.

How Far Are You on Your Wedding Vendor Checklist?

As you probably know by now, it’s easy to feel lost in your planning efforts. But, this wedding vendor checklist will steer you to deciding what’s most important!

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