There are certain things about our high school years we cherish, and prom is one of them. Spending a fun evening with friends, music, and dancing is a part of the experience that should be perfect. And let’s not forget how great those prom-posals can be.

So, how do you plan the perfect prom that no one will forget? Here’s a prom checklist to help you get started.

The Perfect Prom Checklist

People are starting to pay several hundred dollars to do their part for their child’s prom. Here are some ways to make it worth their money.

1. Choose a Prom Theme

Here’s the thing: you can’t go about planning until you have a theme to design around.

So, get the prom committee to vote and approve a theme. The theme needs to be something that everyone will enjoy, but that isn’t cliche. A theme that is fresh or out of the box will get students excited about prom night.

Ask the class to choose a song for prom, as well. They’ll need to pick something that represents their year.

2. Choose a Location

Now, having a dance at the school isn’t as great as finding a venue. Why?

The reason is that renting a venue adds a touch of elegance. Who wants to dance in the gym when they could party in a ballroom?

Another plus is that most venues will include extras to go along with the rental space. A venue gives you fewer things to worry about buying or installing.

3. Prom Menu

You can’t have an evening event without food, so don’t forget to plan the menu.

Stick with your theme, or see what else there is to offer. Will you have a buffet? Or will you make it a night to remember by featuring a sit-down dinner? Whatever you do, if the food is good, there won’t be complaints.

4. Order Party Favors

One of the longest lasting prom night essentials is prom favors. The reason is that when the night is over, they’ll have the favors to treasure forever.

So, whatever you decide, make sure it’s memorable and marks the date. Think glassware with the date and school name, or candles and picture frames. Clothing with the prom year is also a great choice.

5. Don’t Forget Music

Don’t forget: prom is essentially a dance, and you can’t have a dance without music.

One of the most critical things to planning prom is choosing a DJ or a band. DJ’s can play almost anything because they have large databases of music. But hiring a band means you can choose someone local to showcase their talent.

Whichever you decide, make sure to check the playlist and approve it before the big night.

Events and More

Knowing what to do at prom relies on a solid prom checklist. Now that you have the essentials add your own. Make prom a night to remember for you and all your classmates.

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