Planning a wedding is easy to manage when you do things in the right order. For example, it’s better to have a wedding venue picked out before you start thinking about all the people you want to fit in it.

But when it comes to getting your wedding dress or choosing bridesmaids, it’s better to do certain tasks sooner rather than later.

Such organization helps you put all the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that looks and feels just right. From where you say “I do” to the song that plays during your first dance, every part of the wedding is absolutely beautiful when planned well.

If you already have a venue in mind, but you’re having trouble with personalizing wedding details, keep reading for five tips to help you make the space your own.

1. Know Your Theme

Speaking of the order of doing things, choose your theme before you start searching for a venue. It’s not like you can have a beach wedding at a country club, or a chic vintage celebration in a newly-built hotel.

Each wedding theme calls for its own kind of setting. Have a clear idea of what you want, then search for venues that fit what you’re going for.

2. Pick the Colors

Once you have your venue picked out and the date is set, think about the colors you want to use for your wedding. Wedding colors play into more than the bridesmaids’ dresses and ties of the groom’s party.

They should be expressed throughout the ceremony and post-vows celebration. Use your colors to line the aisle and to set the tables with. Think about putting garland on the ceiling or to line the walls, too.

3. Have Fun with Flowers

A great thing about using garland is that it can be made of fabric or flowers. Fabric is the easier way to go, but flowers really have a way of making a room come to life.

Actually, use flowers to the best of your advantage! How many you order depends on the overall budget you have for the wedding. But if you can, opt for natural centerpieces and fresh flowers to place all around the ceremony.

Then, display flowers in every corner of the wedding venue. Put them in the entrance and use them to accent the dessert table. Have tall stands with flowers placed by the walls and put small arrangements by the gifts table and guest book area as well.

4. Get Creative with Lighting and Table Setups

As beautiful as flowers are, they aren’t the only decorating tool you can use to personalize wedding venues. Take a second to think about the lighting in the room.

Can you hang string lights to create an intimate, romantic feeling, or do you want colored lights to really get the party started? Same goes for the table setups.

Long, banquet-like tables encourage conversation and togetherness, while an open dance floor in the middle of the room and light bites make people want to dance and have fun.

5. Ask for Advice

The final thing to consider about unique weddings is that they aren’t created alone. Sure, as the bride, you have most of the final say. But, don’t be shy about asking your mother, siblings, and close friends for their input and of course, the groom!

You can even consult a wedding planner to help you figure everything out. If you want to do most of the planning on your own, at least talk to the florist you’re hiring for their ideas or ask the venue owner/manager what’s been done in their space before.

Personalizing Wedding Venues Made Simple

At the end of the day, your wedding is sure to be magical no matter what flowers you buy or the colors you choose. In reality, what it all comes down to is the person you’re exchanging vows with and having a good time together.

If you want to make personalizing wedding venues a little easier on yourself, click here to see what we can do to help!