The average couple takes about 14.5 months to walk down the aisle, according to research from The Knot.

There are distinct advantages to a long engagement. A longer lead time gives you more time to scout out the best venues for a wedding, but that’s not all.

You’ll also need to search for elegant bridal shower locations that will let you and your friends unwind before the wedding day. Read on for a list of the top bridal shower venues in San Diego.

Luce Loft

This venue is in the bustling ballpark district in beautiful downtown San Diego. Luce Loft has a ton of history, as it originally opened in the 1920s as the Carnation Dairy Building.

The building has been an official designated historical landmark since 1990, and Luce Loft opened here in 2012. It’s an open, inviting space makes it one of the best places for a bridal shower. This is a venue that can transform into whatever you and your bridal party desire.

For a nod to the days of yore, try serving boozy milkshakes to your bridal shower guests.

Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe & Afternoon Tea

If you love the idea of serving scones and sausage rolls at your bridal shower, then Shakespeare’s is worth a look. This tearoom near the airport is both owned and operated by a family of British exports.

Of course, the tea is one of the main draws here, as your shower guests can sip on varieties with names like Mary Queen of Scots and China Rose Petal. It’s like a little slice of London, albeit with much sunnier weather.

Karl Strauss Brewing Company

A brewery for a bridal shower? It works better than you might think, especially at a venue like Karl Strauss Brewing Company’s Sorrento Mesa location.

The koi pond and waterfall make the perfect setting for sipping (or guzzling) beer during your San Diego bridal shower. The food menu is also impressive, as it includes sandwiches, burgers, and more. Meat-free guests can dig into dishes like the spicy tofu curry.

San Diego contains a booming craft beer scene, and this brewery is one of the prime reasons why. This is one of those bridal shower locations capable of making the guys in the bachelor party jealous.

Sunset Temple

Last but not least is our venue, Sunset Temple. Our downtown location is historic in its own right, and we can accommodate bridal showers that are big and raucous, small and quiet, and everything in between.

Our colonial-style architecture provides a dreamy setting. If you’re worried about accommodating a large party, don’t be: the unique mezzanine lounge on the second floor can hold up to 60 guests.

We pride ourselves on being one of the best places for a bridal shower in a city designed for romance. If you need more convincing, check out our collection of five-star reviews.

Bridal Shower Locations in San Diego

Once you’ve looked at a few bridal shower locations, you’ll need to check availability and make sure they have a date open that works for you and your bridal party.

Venues can and do go fast, especially if you’re planning a wedding in a popular month like June or September.

Beat the crowds by contacting us today to schedule a tour of Sunset Temple.