Odds are you’ve had your wedding colors, theme, flowers, maybe even bridesmaids picked out since you were 8 years old.

The question is, how do you pick a San Diego wedding venue that will best compliment your choices?

We’ve made it easy 3 ways to match your wedding desires with your wedding location.

1. Match Your Theme

Before booking a venue, it’s important to consider what theme you’ve been dreaming of and be sure it fits the location you are considering.

For example, an old rustic barn isn’t going to compliment a nautical beach theme very well, no matter how charming the barn is.

The best solution is to choose a wedding venue that allows for you to customize the decor to fit perfectly with the theme you want.

Talk with venue managers to see if they have decor you can choose from, or if they allow you to bring in your own decorators or decor.

This way, even if you suddenly decide two weeks before your wedding that yore no longer jazzed about the safari theme you chose, you don’t have to stress that you’ve booked the San Diego Zoo…

2. Matching Your Dress

With the average amount spent on wedding gowns being around $1,564, you don’t want to purchase a dress you’re not in love with just to suit your venue.

For instance, if you’re considering an outdoor location for late October, but your ideal dress is sleeveless, you’re probably going to be more focused on the chill in the air than on your awesome new spouse.

Even if you’re still deciding on the dress, it’s always best to choose a venue that will cater to any option you’re considering.

You want a venue that will allow you to feel comfortable in whatever dress you select for yourself, be it sleeveless silk or long sleeve lace.

3. Matching Your Budget

According to a recent study, couples who spent less on their weddings were also less likely to get divorced.

With this in mind, choosing a small venue may be sounding pretty good to you right now. Of course, smaller venues have other perks as well…

For one, a small wedding venue allows you to save money by forcing you to invite only those individuals who matter most to you. Sorry, creepy cousin Carl, no room for you!

Small locations also allow for a more intimate experience free from unwanted small-talk with obscure guests.

Whether a small location is at the top of your priorities or not, it is important to be sure your venue will adhere to the budget you’ve created.

Some venues allow you to select everything from room capacity, to sound systems, to linen fabric, to lightening capabilities. If a venue gives you more choices, odds are it will also be better at ensuring that you don’t exceed your budget.

Ready to Choose your Wedding Venue?

Whether you’ve got all the details nailed down, or no idea where to start, come check us out at Sunset Temple.

We’ve got the perfect San Diego wedding venue to fit your wishes and turn your wedding dream into your wedding reality.