It’s every little girl’s dream to be a princess. She gets the chance to dress up in a spectacular dress and feel like one for her quinceañera party.

However, not every parent has the funds to throw a huge, elaborate affair. That doesn’t mean that your little girl can’t have a fabulous party. It just means you’ll need to get a little creative to make it happen.

Check out these fabulous quinceañera party ideas for planning on a budget.

1. Don’t Have Your Party On a Saturday

Venues tend to be packed on Saturdays. That’s the day that everybody wants to have their quinceañera party, get married, or what have you.

Thus, venues will often offer lower prices on other days of the week. This encourages people to opt for other days and fills up their reservation calendar better.

By opting for Sunday afternoon instead you can save a bundle on the venue, one of the largest expenses, and still choose a day that will work for most of your guests.

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2. DIY the Decorations

Decorations can be all over the map price-wise. So here’s an obvious tip. Don’t buy the fanciest, most expensive decorations out there and you’ll save yourself a lot of money.

However, you don’t want your event to look shoddy either. Slapping together some construction paper crafts or buying cheap pre-made decorations aren’t going to cut it.

But, no one ever said that DIY decorations have to look cheap or like they were made by preschoolers. There are all sorts of ideas and tutorials on the Internet for making elegant decorations with inexpensive supplies and a bit of creativity.

You can even set up a pre-party decorating party. Invite your daughter’s friends to come and hang out for an afternoon and help make all the decorations.

Pro tip: Use lots of balloons in your decorating. Balloons are very inexpensive, yet fill up a space really well and make it feel more festive.

3. Set Up a Buffet

It can be nice to have a 4-course sit-down dinner for your quinceañera party. But you can be sure that will eat up a large part of your budget, especially if you have an extensive guest list.

A buffet is a great way to offer a variety of delicious food at a fraction of the price. People also get the chance to take as much or as little as they want.

Be sure to include lots of fun appetizer type finger foods. That way people can graze a little as the evening progresses and the dancing makes them hungry again.

Try These Quinceañera Party Ideas

You can still have an elegant party without breaking the bank. These 3 quinceañera party ideas barely scratch the surface on all the ways you can save during the planning stages. Don’t be afraid to get creative and you can have an amazing party without emptying your wallet!

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