You’ve dreamed of your wedding day for years—it should be magical. The average wedding costs around $32,600! With an investment like this, you want it to be perfect from the decorations to your dress.

Planning to decorate your own wedding hall? Check out this guide for decorating party halls in San Diego.

1. Drape and Cover With Fabric

Fabric can add some dramatic flair to your decor—and it’s relatively inexpensive! You can add some bright colors or stick to elegant white. Cover your tables or drape the fabric from the ceiling.

Using sheer fabrics from the ceiling adds a romantic ambiance. Just head to your favorite craft store and find some colors that match your theme. Plus, you can reuse this fabric after your wedding for curtains or pillow covers. 

2. Hang Christmas Lights

You can use Christmas lights all year for an elegant decoration. Take these beautiful white lights and light up your wedding reception. You can hang them around potted plants, by the cake, around the tables, or even from the ceiling.

You can use lanterns if you don’t want to use Christmas lights. Try shopping right after Christmas to get a good deal!

3. Use Table Lamps

Table lamps make great decor for reception tables and personalize your venue. They also add height.

Get some low wattage bulbs for elegant lighting. Put flowers or greenery around the lamps to hide the cords.

4. Decorate with Flowers

You can have a lot of fun with flowers to decorate. Flowers don’t have to just sit on the table—you can hang them from the ceiling!

You can also go to any greenhouse and buy potted flowers like ferns or small trees like hibiscus. After the wedding, you can keep these potted flowers for your home.

5. Display Family Photos and Your Engagement Photos

Everyone is drawn to photos. Create a wall with some old family photos—or get some wedding pictures from your parents, grandparents, and other relatives. Make sure you display plenty of both your and your partner’s families.

Scatter your engagement photos throughout the hall along with some of your other favorite photos of you and your soon-to-be spouse. These are great conversation pieces for your guests. Find some elegant pictures frames at your local craft store to add some style or hang the photos from a clothes line for a more casual feel.

6. Use Ribbon Instead of Seat Covers

Renting seat covers can be expensive. Buy some wide ribbon at your local craft store and create bows around the chairs. You can also drape this ribbon tables.

Ask your friends for some help to tie the bows. You can make it a fun event with some music and sharing memories to relieve the stress of planning for the big day.

7. Make Signage with Chalkboards

Use the chalkboards around the entrance or the bar and use some fun phrases or tell guests any valuable information.

Jazz up the chalkboard by buying an old photo frame and painting it to match your decor. Put a little greenery around it to add some extra pizzazz. 

Looking for Party Halls in San Diego?

If you are still looking for party halls in San Diego, the decision can be tough. Contact Sunset Temple to see if we can help make your wedding special.