It’s no secret. Wedding season is here.

And if you’re the one planning the wedding, it can be overwhelming. From colors to the wedding party – every detail has to be intricately planned out so that everything runs smoothly on your big day.

But the ultimate dilemma when it comes to wedding planning? Choosing a wedding venue and setting a date.

It’s no secret. Both are equally as important. But do you choose the venue and nail the date later? Or nail the date and find a venue that is able to accommodate? Let’s talk about it.

Choosing A Wedding Venue Vs Setting A Date

Battling between choosing a wedding venue and setting a date? Here are some important tips to keep in mind when deciphering which planning will work best for you.

Choosing A Wedding Venue

If you’re working with a flexible schedule, choosing a wedding venue first might be your best option. If your dream venue is always in high demand, you definitely want to book it before their pricing goes up.

You’re always able to ask them to schedule a tour prior to solidifying your decision. This way, you’re absolutely certain that the wedding venue cost and the architecture fit the style of the wedding.

Setting A Date

For those with larger families, setting a wedding date might be your best option. Because busy schedules often prohibit smooth sailing when it comes to setting a date- starting there might be your best option.

But while this gives you the convenience of handing out save the date wedding invitations ahead of time, it also limits your venue options. If setting a date is going to be your primary option, you’ll probably have to be more flexible with your wedding venue style.

Choosing A Date Range

In the battle between choosing a wedding venue and setting a date – there’s always a third option; setting a date range. This provides optimal flexibility when solidifying a date and/or choosing a venue. When going with choosing a date range first, couples are able to sit down and sift through already planned events, work schedules, and upcoming holidays.

In addition, you’re able to keep in mind that Saturdays are the most popular wedding days. So whether you’re planning a weekday wedding or a weekend wedding – setting a date range will also help for budgeting purposes when comparing the rates during the different days of the week.

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