Are you ready to tie the knot? There are so many decisions to make when planning the big day!

Small wedding? Big wedding? Who do we want on the guest list? Indoor or outdoor venue?

Over $70 billion is spent on weddings each year. One of your biggest ticket items is the entertainment during the reception.

The music you choose can make or break your wedding celebration. So how will you decide between a live wedding band or DJ? Read this article for some advice.

What’s the Best Choice: Wedding Band or DJ?

What kind of reception are you planning? Which will work best for you? A DJ or a live band?

Why a Live Band?

A wedding musical band seems to add a level of sophistication to your wedding reception. There’s nothing like live music!

A charismatic band leader will control the tempo of the party, entice your guests to hit the dance floor, and will assess the feel of the room and play music accordingly.

A live wedding band will have a whole repertoire of wedding favorites from past experience.

A band gives your guests a visual performance in addition to the music.

Why a DJ?

While a DJ may not exude sophistication, he comes with thousands of music choices! A DJ will have music for everyone!

A DJ takes up less space, so if you’re renting a more intimate venue, a DJ will work better for you.

A DJ typically costs quite a bit less than a live band.  With a DJ, you’re paying one or two people as opposed to 4 or 5 band members.

Wedding DJs can be a lot of fun and really know how to get the party going. A DJ will know when to switch up the music and play what is right for the moment.

Wedding Band or DJ Checklist

No matter which one you choose, there are a few things to remember before you hire.

1. Get References or Recommendations

Look at the website of potential DJs or bands. Read the reviews.

Ask around for recommendations. What did former clients like or dislike?

2. See the Band or DJ in Action

If at all possible, see the band or DJ performing somewhere so you can assess their performance firsthand before hiring.

3. Make a Playlist

Create a playlist of the songs you’d like to hear at your wedding. Can the band and/or DJ accommodate you?

Another good idea is to have a “do not play” list to avoid having them play a song that you really don’t like or think is cheesy.

Discuss having more than one style of music for the occasion unless you are sticking with one theme.

Wedding Decisions

When it comes to planning your big day, you’ll have many decisions to make along the way. From deciding on a wedding band or DJ to sit-down dinner or buffet, you’ll need advice along the way.

Looking for a venue? Reach out to us and see how we can help make your wedding day special!