When is the last time you’ve been to a cocktail party that actually made you feel like a rockstar? Cocktails parties have been around for ages and most people enjoy a traditionally themed night of casual conversations and drinks.

However, there are those times when doing the same old thing just doesn’t cut it. You can upgrade your guests’ experience by adding an extra element to your shindig.

Keep reading if you’re looking for ways to spice up your next cocktail party. We’ve gathered some of the best cocktail party themes to make any event come to life.

Blast from the Past Theme

Cocktail party themes that feature classic fashion and styles from different decades are usually very fun and nostalgic. People love searching through old photos and digging through their closets (or their parents’ closets) to recreate stylish looks from past eras.

Consider choosing a time that intrigues you the most, such as the 1920s or a retro style from the 1960s. You could even choose the years in which you grew up in – talk about the past repeating itself.

Wear the Same Color Theme

If you’re someone who loves uniformity with a hint of uniqueness then color-based cocktail party themes is right up your alley. Its simple: you choose the color that you want everyone to wear and they style that color to their liking.

Buying cocktail party decorations for this theme is usually pretty easy since you just need to stick to one color. You may want to choose a color that creates a particular mood for the party. Be sure to let your guests know whether you have a preferance of the color shade or if they just need to wear the color in general, for instance, lime green versus forest green.

Around the World Theme

Take your guests on voyages to foreign lands right in your own home. The specific cocktail theme can be inspired from places that you’ve visited and fell in love with the culture or somewhere you haven’t been yet but would like to visit.

You can also choose one theme from a place around the world, such as a French theme or modern day luau. Be sure to research cultures thoroughly and remain respectful of all aspects of the traditions if you plan on recreating them.

Popular Book or Movie Theme

Everyone knows certain books and movies that have had huge impacts on society, such as Star Wars or Harry Potter. Well, this is your chance to bring those powerful pieces of literature and film to life.

You could even choose to depict characters that are all under one branch, for instance, Disney themed or DC or Marvel comic book heroes. Remember to tell your guests to come in full character to make sure everyone gets the full effect of this cocktail party theme.

Holiday Theme

Who doesn’t love a good Halloween or Christmas party? But you can push the envelope a little farther and choose any holiday that’s closest to your cocktail party to highlight like Valentine’s Day.

You could even get creative and make a holiday of your own to celebrate based on whatever you like, like the beginning of spring holiday party.

Got Anymore Cocktail Party Themes?

Your imagination doesn’t have to stop at this list of cocktail party themes that we’ve provided. If you have other unique themes that you’ve tried in the past or are planning on attempting, let us know below!

Also, if you’re looking for some assistance with booking the perfect venue for your cocktail party contact us today!