Weddings can be both incredibly special and stressful. It’s also no secret that they can be incredibly expensive, depending on who you invite.

While your wedding day is rightfully one of the most special days of your life, this sentiment can easily be forgotten when trying to please everyone else.

It’s so important to remember that your specific wedding day can never be repeated, so for this reason, don’t forget about pleasing yourself in the process.

If you’re fretting over your wedding guest list and how it will affect your budget, this blog should shed some light on the process.

A Bigger Wedding Guest List Means More Expenses

The honest truth is that the size of your wedding guest list has a direct impact on your overall wedding budget. Ultimately, it means more people to consider and with that comes additional expenses.

When it comes to wedding guest list etiquette, you may need to sit down with your partner and look at who really want at your wedding.

Your wedding day is, after all, about no one else except you and the person you’re marrying.

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should cut back on your wedding guest list if you’re looking to stay on budget:

1. A Larger Wedding Party

Generally, a larger guest list equates to a larger wedding party as this increases the number of people you’ll want by your side on your wedding day.

Even if your wedding party members cover the expenses of their attire, hair, and makeup, you’ll still need to spend extra.

Expenses include bouquets, bridesmaid and groomsman gifts, their overnight accommodation, transport, and more.

Sometimes, saving a little on your budget may mean being a little cut-throat on both your guest and wedding party list!

2. An Increased Amount of Rentals

If the wedding venue you choose does not provide tables and seating included in the price, you’ll need to hire out these necessities.

It’s simple- the more people you invite, the more tables, chairs, tablecloths, napkins, crockery, cutlery and centerpieces you’ll need to hire!

Additional rentals may also include chairs for the ceremony, seat covers or umbrellas if your wedding is outdoors.

3. Increased Catering Costs

This is a no-brainer, really. One of the largest expenses at any wedding is the cost of catering and service of alcohol and beverages.

The greater the number of wedding guests, the greater your expenses will be per head for each guest.

Food is generally provided from cocktail hour, right through to dessert and even at a midnight buffet of snacks.

Take into account how including unnecessary people on your guest list can massively blow your budget out-of-the-water.

4. An Increased Amount of Printables

It’s important to consider that each guest will require an invitation and program of the day’s proceedings.

If you’re also supplying a copy of the hymns to be sung at your service, this printing could quickly add up too!

An increased amount of printables also means an increased amount of design hours, calligraphy work, and envelopes!

5. An Increased Amount of Wedding Favors

Wedding favors may not seem like an expense to really consider, but the cost of these small gifts to your wedding guests can quickly add up.

If you choose to have sweets or baked goods individually wrapped, this additional labor and the printing costs could also affect your budget.

6. Increased Transportation Costs

Many weddings in today’s day and age provide the option of a shuttle service to and from the wedding venue to guests.

This helps to ensure everyone can stay for the party afterward and not worry about driving home tired or inebriated.

This is where expenses can skyrocket. An increased number of guests means an increased number of shuttle buses and transportation hire.

7. An Increased Amount of Parking Space

If you the venue you hire has limited parking space and you’re not providing a shuttle bus service, you may need to look at hiring additional parking space.

Naturally, the more guests you invite the more parking space you’re going to need!

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