The day you’ve been dreaming about your whole life is finally around the corner. You have a ring on your finger and you and your new fiance are beginning to make wedding plans.

As you sit down together to write out your guest list, you realize something important. If you invite everyone that you’re ‘supposed to’ invite, your wedding is going to be huge.

That means expensive and lots more room for potential conflicts and drama.

To avoid all that, you can opt for an intimate ceremony instead. Here are 5 reasons why small wedding venues in San Diego are a good idea.

1. You Save Money

The price of a venue depends on a lot of factors. Location, style, level of luxury, etc. The size of the venue also plays a huge role in how much it costs. Smaller venues are typically less expensive.

Thus, choosing a smaller venue means saving money. And that’s before you figure in how much it costs to feed and provide drinks for each guest.

2. Your Family is Enormous

Choosing a small venue can be a great idea if you have an enormous family. That sounds counterintuitive, but hear us out.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know where to draw the line when inviting family members. Do you stop at siblings, first cousins, or keep going?

Having a small wedding at a small venue takes care of the problem. You won’t have to invite everyone because there simply isn’t space for them all.

3. Planning is a Breeze

A whopping 96% of survey respondents reported that they felt wedding planning was stressful. Some even suffer physical symptoms and other signs of that stress.

Make it easier on yourself by looking at small wedding venues in San Diego.

When you’re not throwing a huge, lavish party, planning becomes so much easier. Plus, simply saving money will put you in a better mental state because you won’t be as worried about finances.

4. You’ll Enjoy Your Day More

If you’re less stressed, you’ll obviously be able to enjoy your day a lot more. Plus, by sharing your wedding with just a few of your closest friends you can be present and take part in the festivities.

At a large wedding, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed just by all the people you need to greet. It can also make the day fly by and contribute to wedding amnesia.

5. It’s Less Intimidating

Not everyone loves to be the center of attention. Having a large wedding can make you feel a little like you’re on display for all the world to see.

On the other hand, a small, intimate wedding is much less intimidating. You can gather with your closest friends and family, the people you are most comfortable with, to enjoy a simple, perfect day.

Ready to Start Looking For Small Wedding Venues in San Diego?

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