You’ve already got your first dance and your mother-son/father-daughter dance songs picked out. And you know exactly what food options you’d like to serve at your wedding reception. The big question now is, where should you hold your reception in San Diego?

Research shows that the average wedding reception in the United States cost more than $11,000 in 2016. Considering the price tag that your reception will likely carry, it’s critical that you select a venue that ticks all the right boxes.

But what exactly are these “boxes”? In other words, what should you look for in banquet halls in San Diego?

Here are five questions to ask so that you can book the perfect banquet hall in San Diego.

Let’s get started!

1. What Are the Locations of Various Banquet Halls in San Diego?

San Diego remains a popular wedding spot due to its excellent weather conditions and beautiful scenery, so you’ve got many reception venues to choose from. But which one is the right one for you and your guests?

You might find one on the fringes of the city at a seemingly stellar price. But consider your guests: would this location be so far away that it might deter people from coming?

Also, would the location be difficult for guests to locate? Or is the banquet hall in an area of town that your guests wouldn’t want to go?

The ideal banquet hall location is one that’s centrally located and, thus, relatively easy to access.

2. How Many People Can Fit in Certain Banquet Halls?

It’s critical that you find out a potential reception venue’s overall capacity. Can all of your guests comfortably fit in it?

A room that is not large enough will make your guests feel cramped. Meanwhile, a venue that is too large will end up dwarfing your celebration.

So, be sure to choose a hall that suits your party’s size the best. For instance, if you expect 100 guests at your reception, then a ballroom whose capacity is 150 people would like be best.

3. What Amenities Do Various Banquet Halls Have?

What’s everything included in your banquet hall of choice?

Most venues offer basic amenities, like basic decorations as well as chairs and tables. However, look for halls that offer additional amenities like a full sound system, a large-screen projector, and lighting capabilities.

A venue that offers bars may also be a wise move if your guests are interested in drinking. It may not be a bad idea to also choose a venue that offers amenities like centerpieces and even a day-of coordinator.

4. How Do Various Banquet Halls Look on the Inside?

Your chosen venue’s interior needs to be cared for and clean. So, be sure to check it out for yourself before booking the venue.

If a venue happens to be dilapidated, you, unfortunately, won’t have a lot to work with.

5. What Are the Costs of Various Banquet Halls?

When it comes to price, it’s paramount that you strike a balance between a venue’s offerings and its price. The most important things to consider is what your guests will find comfortable, as well as your own needs on your big day.

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