When it comes to organizing a bridal shower, even more important than finding the perfect venue is choosing a great theme.

Whether you choose a classic theme or go for something completely original, the shower should reflect the bride’s personality. And, with a fun theme, you’re sure to get all the guests talking and having fun ahead of the big day.

Give the bride-to-be a day to remember with these five bridal shower themes!

1. Tea Party

A tea party is one of the most classic wedding shower themes. But, with a little imagination, you can put your own creative spin on it for a truly original shower.

Go for a classic British tea party vibe with scones, cucumber sandwiches, and dainty teacups. You could even go all out by seating the bride-to-be in a throne fit for Elizabeth II and decorating your venue with Union Jack bunting.

Alternatively, you could switch things up with a Mad Hatter theme. Take your cue from Alice in Wonderland with whimsical decoration and themed cakes, then finish off with a game of croquet.

2. Art Class

When it comes to bridal shower theme ideas, artistic brides are sure to love an art-inspired party.

While art classes can be expensive to attend, the price will often work out cheaper if you pay for an instructor to come to your venue. If you can’t stretch to hiring a teacher, you might prefer to set up painting, sculpting and drawing stations throughout your venue and let people experiment freely.

You should also make sure the decor matches your theme. Think art-inspired table wear, wall decor and an artistic still-life display instead of a buffet.

3. Bollywood

For a truly unique bridal shower idea, be inspired by the magic of Bollywood.

Serve traditional Indian cuisine and have fun learning Bollywood dancing, or different ways to wrap a sari. Or, you could even hire a henna artist and include a hookah station.

And, just as you would personalize your wedding venue to fit your wedding theme, decorate your Bollywood-inspired bridal shower venue with rich jewel colors, rugs and throw pillows.

4. Beach Party

A beach or pool party theme is another of the most popular types of bridal showers.

If the weather’s warm and sunny, make your shower a poolside celebration or head to the beach. Decorate with inflatables, play games in the water and sip on frozen cocktails to cool you down.

Personalized beach hats make great favors for guests, as well as great props for some very Instagram-worthy bridal shower photos.

5. Great Gatsby

Go for a 1920s theme with a bridal shower fit for Daisy Buchanan. Guests can have fun dressing up in flapper dresses and accessorizing with jeweled headbands, feather boas, black silky gloves and long strings of pearls.

Serve up a selection of classic Prohibition cocktails, such as the Mary Pickford or the Southside and play 20s music while you all learn how to dance the Charleston.

Be Inspired by These Bridal Shower Themes

With these great ideas, even the most classic bridal shower themes can inspire a unique and original celebration for the bride-to-be in your life.

Whatever the bride’s preferences, there’s sure to be a theme that she’ll love, as well as the perfect venue for the shower of her dreams.

For more information or to reserve your bridal shower venue, get in touch with us today!