We all know what the stereotypical big wedding looks like: a ball gown, flowers everywhere, and the entire town in attendance. Your wedding should be a reflection of who you are as a couple, though.

If you’re not big on socializing with everyone you’ve even shaken hands with, that big wedding might not be for you.

For many couples, a small, intimate wedding makes their day even more special. They get to spend their wedding with those they love most. You could even have the chance to talk to every guest at your wedding (gasp!).

Still, everyone wants some of that “wow” factor in their wedding. Just because you’re keeping the guest list small doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice that touch. Here are some ways to make your wedding stand out:

Tips for an Impressive Small, Intimate Wedding

Even if your guest list is in the double digits, you can leave your guests saying, “What a wedding!” Here’s how:

1. Start with a Show-Stopping Venue

There are few decisions that will impact your wedding’s overall feel more than the venue you choose. So make it a good one.

Having a small guest list actually opens the door to a much wider selection of wedding venues. The fewer guests you need to seat, the more venues will fit your needs.

However, that doesn’t mean you should consider everything that meets your minimum. A hall that seats 300 will feel empty with only 30 guests.

The other good news is that a small guest list usually means you can splurge more on the venue. Look for a location that speaks to your personality and has a high-end feel. You want a place that gets guests in the celebratory spirit.

Here’s another tip for your venue search: the less work you have to do, the better. An elaborate venue usually needs little if any added decoration. Plus, some offer a long list of wedding services for your big day so you have fewer headaches.

2. Personalize Your Wedding Favors

Wedding favors should be a memento of your wedding and a keepsake for your guests. When you have fewer guests, make those favors even more special by personalizing them.

This doesn’t mean they need to be expensive. Simply add a hand-written note to each favor or recount your favorite memory with each guest. Little touches like this go a long way toward creating that “wow” factor.

3. Add an Extra Layer of Entertainment

When you have fewer guests, the typical wedding entertainment of a band or DJ and a dance floor may not be as successful. Dancing tends to work better with larger groups where the energy can spread.

While it’s still great to have some dancing if your guests will enjoy it, some added unique wedding entertainment can be a great twist. Try embracing your culture as a couple with a culture-specific performance. Bring in a caricaturist for your guests. Get creative and think of a surprise your guests will enjoy.

A Small Wedding, A Large Impact

Your wedding is a chance to celebrate who you are as a couple and the commitment you’re making. The day should be based around you and your lives, and a small, intimate wedding can be more personal yet with all the “wow” factor a large production.

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