The venue makes or breaks the event. If you don’t get it right, guests may be uncomfortable, crowded or just downright miserable the entire time.

As an event planner or coordinator, that’s a lot of weight on your shoulders.

After all, the venue you choose is often the first impression potential guests get of the event – and they are going to make this snap judgment within seven seconds of hearing the location.

Be sure to get it right by using the tips here.

1. Convenience

Believe it or not, one of the most influential factors that impact if people will attend your event is the convenience of the venue you choose. You need to select a venue near where your target audience lives, works or can travel to with ease.

Also, consider whether or not there will be alcohol. If so, free transportation to and from the venue is highly recommended. Make sure potential guests know this is available, which will encourage more people to come.

If a venue is out of the way or takes a long time to get to, chances are the number of people who attend is going to be less than impressive.

2. The Venue Size

When considering the size needed, one of the first things to consider is how many people a venue can accommodate. If you plan to have 50 guests, plan to book a venue that can comfortably hold 70.

What many people don’t realize is that when considering venue size, it’s not as much about capacity as it is the venue’s physical size. Consider how tight seating is going to be. Will guests be able to move easily about the space?

Is the location spacious and comfortable? Two venues with the same max capacity may be completely different based on how the room is laid out.

You also need to consider any size accommodations that may be necessary. For example, do you plan to have a juggler as entertainment? If so, you need to ensure the ceilings are high enough.

By considering the factors here, you can ensure everyone will be comfortable when attending your event.

3. Ambience or Mood

A factor many event planners fail to consider is how the venue matches the ambiance or mood you are trying to establish for the event. For example, for a fundraising gala, you want something fancy and luxurious. However, for a company party, something more fun is necessary.

Be sure to think carefully about the message you are trying to convey to your guests. Find a venue with an environment that matches this message.

Keep in mind, in many cases, you can set the right mood by utilizing the other services provided by the venue. Many offer things such as catering, entertainment, flowers and more. Find out about this, too.

Finding the Right Venue: Now You Know

As you know by now, the venue you choose for your event matters. Be sure to use the tips here to find one that will work for you and your guests.

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