So you’re throwing a party? That’s a big responsibility.

You’ve got to get the decorations right, the guest list filled, the food ordered. Oh, and what’s your theme going to be?

That’s right. Themed parties are becoming more popular each year. They’re a fun way to keep guests entertained.

So it’s a good thing, then, that there are tons of different party themes you could use to make your party the best of the year.

Here are three of the most popular theme ideas people are using for parties of any size, whether it’s a birthday party or wedding. Imagine the possibilities and wow your guests at your next party!

1. Escape Room Escapade

Escape rooms have been popular for a while now, but people are starting to realize they can build there own for parties.

In an escape room, people are “trapped” and must find their way out using teamwork and provided clues. It’s a great teambuilding exercise as well as a fun way to spend an afternoon or evening.

There are kits you can download that help you plan, prep and perform an escape room that your guests will talk about for weeks. It’s a new way to add excitement to a party and can be for guests of any age.

2. A Mythical Menagerie

Imaginary creatures like unicorns and dragons capture the imagination of young and old. Heck, entire franchises are built around mythical and imaginary animals and beings.

So why not capture that fun for your next party?

You can go wild with the decorations, using inspirations from your favorite myths, movies, and books. Your guests can dress up as whimsical creatures like vampires, werewolves, fairies, sprites, elves … anything goes at a myth-inspired party.

This theme will also get your guests mingling. They will be unable to resist talking to each other about their costumes and the things that inspired it. You and your guests will love it!

3. A Black and White Soiree

Sometimes, simple is better.

Why not go monochrome with your next party? The classic combination of black and white is pleasing for almost anyone.

There are two great reasons a black and white party is great.

First, with only two colors, it’s easy for you to decorate. Second, almost everyone already owns something black or white, so your guests don’t have to spend money on new outfits. Who wouldn’t want to come to that party?

This theme idea is also nice because you can choose the level of style you want. You can go casual with black jeans and tee shirts or you can go dramatic with a black-tie affair.

The choice is yours!

Get Inspired by These Theme Ideas

Now that you’ve read about these theme ideas, why not start planning your next party? It’ll be fun for your guests and you’ll have a blast, too, knowing that you put on a great party.

For ideas on where to host your next party, you can contact us at any time.